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Booksprout for ARCs

Hello Readers,

Since publishing Flip Flop Love earlier in 2018, I've been writing a 5-part book series filled with high drama, secret societies, lots of amazing sex and tension, and a strong heroine who doesn't know which of the two men in her life she is in love with most. Stay tuned for posts on the title, cover reveal, and advance readers copy offers to the most dedicated followers.

I'm collecting names to send Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) of my future release. I'm hoping to release early in January.

An ARC reader, if you're unfamiliar, receives a pre-released book for review on release date. Booksprout is a site that collects names and emails for ARC downloads. Below is my author page on Booksprout...

If you're interested in being an ARC reader for Rosemary Rey, please follow me at Booksprout after you register for the site. Make sure to allow Booksprout to email you Author information so you can receive links to the new book and check your spam folder. If you choose not to review, Booksprout allows me to remove you from my author list for future ARC releases. Also, I reserve the right to block anyone from ARC downloads of my books for any reason.

I look forward to your reading my future series. I'm really excited about the story and characters and their journey together. Thank you for supporting this indie writer.

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