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PRICING: I'm reading a great non-fiction book by Malcolm Gladwell, "David and Goliath." As the subtitle describes, it's about Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants. One chapter is about how small fish can excel in a big pond by becoming a Big Fish in a small pond. He wrote about how the Impressionists were frustrated by their work being rejected by a major art exhibition (The Salon) in Paris. After many rejections, they discussed creating their own show--becoming Big Fish in a small pond. They found a gallery space for 30 days. They arranged their art on the walls in a manner that would showcase their work better than The Salon did for the hundreds of artists they showcased. Th

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Stained Glass Shards by Rosemary Rey is free for a limited time. From November 5-9, you can download SGS from Amazon. A review is kindly appreciated.

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