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I've been MIA over the last couple of years. Covid lockdown and surgery have kept me at home, tending to remote learning and attempting to write under incredible chaos. During that time, I'd been trying to decide what to do with my entire backlist of books. Because I love writing but not being a businesswoman, I've decided to upload my whole list of books to Wattpad, starting with the Boundless Series—Rebound, Unbound, Bound, and eventually Spellbound. Each book is being revised and serialized with a daily release until it's complete on Wattpad's platform.

I realize this may be inconvenient to most readers, but Wattpad's serialization appeals to me. I hope to be able to submit new books to Wattpad and become an exclusive Wattpad Author.

If you're interested in the Boundless series (and the rest of Rosemary Rey's offerings), you can find my works here:


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