The Button

There's this magic button on Amazon. It's magical because it allows readers to "Follow" their favorite authors. If you've never noticed it, find your favorite author's Amazon page and underneath his or her picture is a yellow Follow button, press it and wait for news. Many indie authors (okay, maybe just me) believe this button is magic because followers will be notified of future releases that are on preorder or release day notification. Especially helpful was Amazon's Author's Message to the readers, which helped facilitate sales of the new book, a service offered by invitation-only to the author. With my last book, Spellbound, I never received an alert about its release. I follow myself t

Flip Flop Love

New Release: March 13, 2018 Title: Flip Flop Love, a romance novella By: Rosemary Rey eBook: Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, B&N, and Kobo Pre-order price: 99 cents After meeting at a housewarming party, contractor Nickel "Nick" Salter and real estate agent Jude Halperin spent the night riding his motorcycle and talking in the park. After that fateful night, they reconnect almost a year later. The sparks, as red as Jude's hair, sizzles just as hot as the year before. Can they both shake off their insecurities and rebuild their strong connection, especially when they're competing for the same fixer-upper?

Rebound Giveaway

I'm hosting a giveaway on Goodreads. My first book, Rebound, which is the first book of the Boundless series--Rebound, Unbound, Bound, Spellbound, will be available to 10 randomly selected winners. The book will be automatically distributed by Goodreads through Amazon for Kindle. If you're interested in entering the giveaway, please do so by February 28, 2018. Thanks for entering and good luck. Happy Reading, Rosemary

The Cover Conundrum

You would think that my 7th publication would mean that I've gotten used to selecting titles or covers, but these two things remain a conundrum, especially covers. There are two schools of thought when publishing romance books: 1. Man-Chest or Manchest for quick writing, and 2. Objects or neutral cover. When I first published Rebound, I took pictures of feathers in a black background. If you read the book or the series, you'd know that "feather" is a term that becomes part of the story. I didn't know it would be used throughout the entire series, but I thought I was so clever to think of it in advance of the remaining two books. I loved this cover. It's one of my favorites. Mostly because I

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