Missed Connection Monday--Week 5

Cheryl Post Office You've worked at the post office since you were 19 years old and you retired last week. I came in every week to buy stamps even though I stopped using stamps years ago. I've had a crush on you since 1981 when you complimented me on my watch. I thought that I should ask for your number but didn't want to be too forward. A few years later I noticed a ring on your finger and thought "boy you blew your chances with that one" In June of 2007 my dreams came true when I overheard you talking to your coworker about your divorce and how sad it is for the kids. I didn't want to ask when you were desperate so I told myself "in a few months you'll ask her out" Well a few months pass

Missed Connection Monday--Week 4

To the girl w/short blonde curls on the 373 bus (Udistrict) It was really hard not staring at you for the four whole stops I was on the bus for, you're so beautiful. I don't know if it was a coincidence that our eyes met a few times and we both looked back at the same time when I got off, but if it wasn't, I hope I see you again. -Orange beanie, black headphones, blue shirt guy standing by the back door going up University on Monday Maya Sommer waited for the bus to the University. The bus was late by seven minutes. To other people, delays may not be a problem, but for Maya, it was critical that things worked smoothly. She needed to be at work by 8:30 a.m. With her walk to her job, she would

Missed Connection Monday--Week 3

Downtown Restaurant Phelan (Phelan) Cute girl sitting down waiting for her food on Friday. Talked for a minute before I left, asked you if you were a teacher and you had been at a parent/teacher conference. Maybe I'll see you in there again The Mexican restaurant in downtown Phelan was busy for a Tuesday night. Mike Bricker ate out for dinner after a long day at the real estate office. His laptop was open to the real estate exam study guide. No matter how many questions he answered correctly, he still felt incapable of passing the exam. It had taken him years of drifting through life to realize what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. It was time to place roots. The town was a great p

Missed Connection Monday--Week 2

Lady with pointy nose at the wholefood market newton I was walking into the supermarket when I had noticed you. You had on these nice little cute brown boots they were the hardest. Nice silky meduim tan hair, you had turned around and looked my way. You appeared off as a bit shy. It’s hard to miss you, best detail is of facially of course. Your nose is just right. I was thinking about such before I went in shopping if you do recall as of two weeks ago please let me know. It’s the nice handsome fellow that squeezed on by before closing. I would like to get together some. Please feel free to write me an email of you want to connect. Great day miss lovely. Another winter storm approached New En

Shepherds and Lambs

Shepherds and Lambs is a Romantic Suspense novel that took me about 2 years to write. It's a story that I'd been interested in writing for much longer. I'm presently editing the first book. It will be a three-part series centering around Dr. Grace Shepherd and the two men helping and hindering her from solving long hidden family secrets and the murder of her father. Shepherds and Lambs releases on April 2, 2019. Add it to your Goodreads TBR (to be read) list. Below are preorder links. Amazon iTunes Barnes and Noble Smashwords Kobo Bookbub Thank you for supporting me in my Indie writing journey. I can't wait to read and hear your thoughts about Shepherds and Lambs. Rosemary

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