Missed Connection Monday--Week 1

Almost kissed (The kitchen)—Albuquerque Did we almost kiss? You caught me alone in the kitchen, you hugged me and wouldn’t let go, and I thought we were going to kiss. It was so natural that it kind of freaked me out how I almost just kissed you like it would have been the most natural thing. The kitchen timer beeped as Owen Jameson chopped onions. He wiped away the tears streaming down his cheeks with his sinewy forearms—a futile feat, causing his eyes to burn further with the vapors emanating from the knife in his hand. With his free hand, he pressed the timer’s button and stopped the ringing. His heart had been ringing in his ears for days. Glory Beachum was on her way for a quick visit.

Missed Connection Mondays

I find the concept of Missed Connections written on internet sites fascinating. There is something odd about a stranger seeking another stranger seen or met through a particular event—a happenstance: they saw each other across a crowded room, train, gym, library, cafe, etc. In this technology-based world, where our heads hang low to read our phones, tablets or laptops, we still seek connections with other people. Yet, we’re not using the best practices to make and keep those connections, which is to go up to the person and say, “Hi, I saw you from across the room. You have a friendly smile—or great sweater, or fantastic boots, or a nice beard. My name is…” The default thought is to log on to

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