I had a very interesting review on Netgalley for my recent release, Stained Glass Shards. The review stated, "4.5 Stars! This is one of those hidden little gems. It probably won't do all that great and yet anyone who reads it will feel that understated "Wow" factor." It was a backhanded compliment, even if the reviewer didn't intend for it to be. Another review stated, "Well deep down I know this book was well written and to evoke such strong emotions from me, even if it is anger has to be commended, so my utter fury at the outcome is mine alone. Also I couldn't put this book down. It was cleverly written..." Yet, another review stated, "I think with a little help this could be a 5 star book


Now that I'm finished with re-publishing my fifth book, avoiding work on my sixth book in progress (and delaying work on book seven, eight, and nine, etc.), I've checked and re-checked my sales dashboards and book request lists to find no movement. I've been hoping for a sale or review of a book that I'm really proud of. I've spent over a thousand dollars trying to publish this one book because I believe in it--and at some point, I either believe in myself or quit. My writing, story and pacing, have gotten better over the last two years since self-publishing my first book, Rebound, The Pentagon Group, Book 1. When I wrote Stained Glass Shards, I knew it would be a different story. No, I'm no

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