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Spellbound, The Pentagon Group, Book 4 is available now on the discounted price of $2.99. It will go up in price to $3.99 on May 1. I hope you enjoy Brady's tale. Happy reading.


Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, and Nook can be purchased on for $2.99

Smashwords: goo.gl/OO0SIa

iTunes: goo.gl/KaYb1i

Kobo: goo.gl/3sQyi5

B&N/Nook: goo.gl/livLtE

If you've read Spellbound as an ARC reader, please leave a review on those links. If you purchase and read the book, please support this Indie Author by leaving a review on the purchase site and/or Goodreads.

Thank you for supporting me in my third year of self-publishing. I'm looking forward to the next book, which I will temporarily call S&L. I hope it's something you'll read in the future.

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