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Release Day for Spellbound

Spellbound, The Pentagon Group, Book 4 will be release on Amazon, Smashwords, and other sites on April 4, 2017. I will post links soon. In the meantime, if you're a Smashwords reader, you can pre-order here.

Brady Clay's return to power as president of The Pentagon Group takes longer than he expected, hoping to be reinstalled by the opening of his dream project, The Pentagram Hotel and Conference Center in Boston. Frustrated by being denied his presidency before opening day, Brady's impatience with Pentagram's front desk clerk prompts assistant manager, Solana "Lana" Coto, to step in. Enchanted by the raven-haired beauty, Brady takes a non-conventional approach to pursue the enchantress with a dark past. However, Lana isn't so easily charmed. At every turn, Brady and Lana's attempt at a relationship is thwarted by outside forces. Is it a curse? Or is Brady too spellbound by Lana's charms to realize she's not all she seems?

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the series. It was a year long labor of love.

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