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Pre-Order Cancelled

Today, I cancelled Spellbound's pre-order and release, This was one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make since publishing in April of 2014. I use pre-orders as a means of giving myself a deadline. I thrive on deadlines. But lately, I've been thriving for a completely different reason: I'm taking care of myself. I haven't done that in a long time.

If you've read The Pentagon Group, you know that Perla lost her mother as a young girl. Fortunately for me, I had my mother until I was 40. My only parent, she died last January, and I closed myself off to everything but work. I worked on Bound and published it on the anniversary of publishing Rebound. It was done under an immense amount of pressure. A pressure to succeed, to make my mom proud, to make myself feel like I was more than just three books, and no longer a failure at my career. Because of that pressure, I've neglected myself. I've gained weight. I've not made friends or kept the ones I have. Basically, I've lived as a hermit.

But that's changing. Earlier this month, I've embarked on losing the excess 20 lbs I've put on in the last year (along with the other 25 lbs I've held onto) and to get physically stronger. I'm spending less time behind the laptop and more time with my family. We're traveling and doing things during their school breaks. I'm happier. Immensely happier because something had to give. And it was this book being written on time--under a pressure I can no longer place on myself.

I had always had the idea of writing Brady's book, telling of his time after the incidents which occurred in Bound. I'm 3/4s done. The ending is in sight, but I can't quite get myself to complete it in time for the May 20th release I had planned. I could finish by May 20th, but the manuscript must be uploaded to Amazon by the 10th. Editors and proofreaders must have their time to complete without pressure. Completing a book is a team effort, but the team must be given space to create too.

To the dedicated 8 readers (I love you), thank you for opting to order the book before release. Amazon does not charge you until delivery, so there is no loss to you. I hope you will continue to stick around and await the release this summer.

Details on future release will come soon.

Thank you for reading


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