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Writer's Workshop

I had the privilege of attending the Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter's Writer's Workshop featuring Liliana Hart on September 12, 2015. I'm not one to leave my family. In fact, I hadn't left to travel on my own in over three years. The school year is a busy one for my family and I had to preplan everything before I could leave. I drove to Indy on my own for a four-hour roundtrip. Eight hours without children in the car asking for snack or to change the DVD is a vacation in itself.

It was an honor to listen to Liliana explain the business of self publishing. I entered the self publishing world with limited knowledge of every detail. I thought I just had to write the book and publish it--the readers will come once I upload to the ebook publisher platform. That didn't happen. In fact, I've worked super hard and have had limited exposure. I was doing so much wrong.

I took copious notes--law school came in handy for that. My mind spun with the list of things I needed to do once I returned to the hotel. After dinner with the romance authors, I went upstairs and began my business plan. One part of the plan is this website, blog post, etc.

The takeaway from the event, this is a business. I must treat it as such. My series, The Pentagon Group, is about a corporation and the heroine learns to lead the corporation to success. And that is what I needed to do with my own business. All is underway to make it happen.

One thing is for sure, I need to get back to writing and completing my planned books. Liliana taught me to Balance my work and home life, but to ensure that I make time for my business--the business of writing and marketing.

With my plan in hand, I look forward to publishing my next book in December. Can't wait.

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